Pensacola Lighthouse

Pensacola Lighthouse – Fun Fact Friday

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A Pensacola Landmark

Pensacola’s historic lighthouse has been in existence since 1859. Well, actually, there was another lighthouse that was first lit in 1824. So then why does the sign say it was established in 1859 if there has been a lighthouse in Pensacola since 1824? That’s because there were two lighthouses built. The one that we see and can tour today is the latter one. Take a look at the timeline to see the changes:

  • 1823 – The idea of building a lighthouse was brought forward for consideration.
  • 1824 – Construction was completed and the first keeper, Jeremiah Ingraham, was stationed.
  • 1850 – Grievances arose stating that the lighthouse was not adequately lit.
  • 1856 – A different location was chosen for a new lighthouse and construction began.
  • 1858 – Construction of the improved 159-foot lighthouse was completed.
  • 1859 –  On New Years day, the light was lit in the new lighthouse.

Today, tourists and locals can still visit the historic 1859 lighthouse, walk up its 177 steps, and look out over the Gulf of Mexico. If you haven’t seen the lighthouse yet or are planning to visit, this Saturday would be the perfect time to go! Saturday, December 2nd is the Pensacola Lighthouse and Museum’s Christmas Gala. From 2 – 5 P.M., enjoy free admission, refreshments, Christmas decorations, and more! Santa will even be there for the kids!

Have you been to the lighthouse yet? Did you climb all 177 steps? If you go this Saturday, let us know how it was! We’ll be getting our Christmas tree, otherwise; we’d go too.


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